If you struggle with staying on track with diets and training...

FINALLY! A Highly MOTIVATIONAL 4 Week Kickstart Where You Can Drop Fat and Build Lean Muscle in Just 28 days - and LEARN How to Sustain This LONG TERM

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"What if for just the cost of a cup of coffee per day, you too can drop fat and increase size in your arms, chest, back, legs in just 4 weeks?"

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The Roots 4 Week Lean Muscle Kickstart

Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne


If you struggle with losing stubborn fat and building lean muscle and you’ve tried all manner of diets and workout programs, but to no avail, you’re in the right place.

Give me just 5 minutes today, and I’ll show you how men in Newcastle are ditching fat and building up lean muscle in just 28 days.

Please note all of the before and after images on this page have been sent into us by our happy clients, we do not ask for these. However please note most of the results shown on this page have been achieved within 8 weeks or more.

Let me tell you a story …

I used to know a guy who, on the surface was happy and exuded confidence (it was even part of his job, as an actor to be like this!) but underneath was perplexed and always worried about how his body looked.

His friends were all bigger and in better shape, they knew each other from work and their job required them to be confident and good looking.

However our guy was really struggling with his body confidence, he was small and slight, but STILL had flabby bits on his stomach- no abs insight...

This lad struggled for years… but one day he finally decided enough was enough, he just HAD to make a real change.

So he tried out a local gym, lifting weights, eating more chicken, and generally focusing on being healthier- and it worked!

He gained a bit of muscle and his arms were getting thicker and more defined!

​He had made a positive change, and he was finally going to look like the lads on reality TV with thick arms and washboard abs! He had found the secret to building a cover-model physique!


But then... his progress just STOPPED

​He felt tired and lethargic all the time. He had enough of forcing the oats, chicken and broccoli down everyday!

​His training was..okay, but every time he bench pressed his shoulder was playing up, his back was sore after deadlifts, and he knew he shouldn’t be skipping leg day but he just couldn’t face feeling drained the next day!

​He STILL didn’t have any sign of a six pack and his arms still looked thin. He could feel himself slipping back into old ways.

​Not AGAIN, he couldn’t bare to look how he did at the start of all this!

​So he kept at it, slogging away, two training sessions per day, extra cardio, even hitting bootcamps regularly.

​He was desperately trying to stick to the Keto diet after failing hopelessly at finding the time to keep to Hugh Jackman’s clean eating meal plan.

​But still- barely a change on his arms and the stomach fat still wouldn’t budge (WHY!?) 😱

Ready to throw in the towel and give in to the fact that he would never look and feel as good as his mates or the lads on Instagram, that’s when his friend mentioned me, and my facility, Roots Fitness and our Men’s 4 Week Lean Muscle Kickstart.

​At first he wasn’t convinced.

He had already wasted time, money and effort buying ebooks about dieting and celebrity training programmes, he even had a couple of sessions with a personal trainer, but he just couldn't afford to keep it up.

He was right to be sceptical, with the amount of charlatans and downright liars which make up the majority of the fitness industry, promising the world but delivering very little in the way of results.

So I sat down with Steven and showed him some of the results my clients have achieved.

Results like this ...

How Craig, Simon and Mo Each Lost Fat and Gained Lean Muscle in Just 28 days

These people ALL got their result in 56 days. And ALL by following a method that allowed them to still enjoy the odd drink or pizza on the weekends.

To See How They Did This, AND How You Can Do The Same, Click Here and Let’s Chat.

Hold on… I still have to tell you how Steven’s story ended.

Well, even with his scepticism, Steve did the right thing and signed up that day.

And now look at what we have achieved together at Roots Fitness!

When Steven came to me he was extremely unhappy and stuck in a rut which was only getting deeper.

From wearing clothes that hid his skinny-fat frame to having a physique to be proud of!

His self-confidence has skyrocketed and all of his insecurities have vanished.

He now tells me about all of the compliments, not only from his mates and his family, but even from his work colleagues who’ve noticed the huge transformation.

However, that’s not the end of the tale.

Steve was so ecstatic with his results he STILL trains with us 3 times a week and is STILL smashing new targets and reaching new fitness goals.

Not bad, eh?

Introducing the New Breakthrough Method That’s Allowing Men of Newcastle to Cut Belly Fat and Build Lean Muscle Without Having to Eat Dry Chicken and Broccoli Every Night for Tea & Wearing Yourself Out With Endless Cardio

Now, what I’m about to reveal to you is probably going to sound shocking…

But go with me, because I’m going to show you undeniable proof that it does work.

First, we need to know why other methods of getting lean and building muscle simply DO NOT WORK.

Guess what, following bodybuilders workout programmes will not get you looking like them. This is a very popular way to go about training if you’re not sure what you’re doing. And I can see why...if it worked for them it’ll work for you too, right... well not exactly.

There are plenty of reasons simply copying a body builder’s training programme isn’t the way to go. Aside from the obvious ‘unnatural’ aids they use, the main one is that they have been training for YEARS to look how they do, with several hours per day spent at the gym, and several more preparing food.

If you don’t have several hours a day to commit then the way body builders go about things simply will not fit your lifestyle.

Okay… well what about Keto?.. it tells you you can tone up and lose weight by cutting out carbs. Yes, you can lose weight by doing it, by creating a calorie deficit, but it is HARD cutting out bread, pasta, pizza and chocolate! As for gaining muscle... you'll struggle!

You won’t have the energy to train properly, meaning it is impossible to tone up, you might feel like you do but it's not until after you stop when you notice (I made the keto mistake myself years ago!). How will you have the energy to play with your kids or go out on the weekends if you’re drained all of the time from cutting out carbs? Not to mention the sugar cravings!

What about Joe Wicks and his 'Lean in 15' books? Some of the recipes in that book are well over 1000 Kcal, that could be as much as 75% of your daily allowance... in one meal! Good luck losing any weight on that! His training regime sucks too, who wants to jump around like a wally everyday to burn a couple of hundred calories which you'll probably accidentally eat later on anyway!?

So now we know what DOESN’T work, let me tell you what does …

Introducing the Roots 4 Week Lean Muscle Kickstart

Please note this video was made before the COVID 19 outbreak. We now have social distancing measures in place. To find out about our safety measures scroll down to the section in green below.

This is the 4 week kickstart designed for men looking to sustainably cut fat and build

muscle in just 56 days.

We are very different from other transformation programmes.

See, usually with something like this you either get:

🤔 A couple of sessions a week with a rookie personal trainer, where you’re left completely alone for the other 166 hours of the week. Or …

🤔 Online support ONLY, where your ‘coach’ takes days to respond to any emails, and everything is made from a template, with no personalisation at all. Or …

🤔 A tonne of PDFs and videos, which are left unopened on your hard drive, never to be used or put into action.

But not with the Roots 4-Week Lean Body programme. Here’s how it works -

✅ 3 times every week, for the course of the 4 weeks you get to come along to our facility in Benton (around two miles from Gosforth, Heaton, Jesmond, and easily accessible from the coast road) to take part in bespoke training sessions.

✅ These sessions are done in small group format (4 people MAXIMUM) but EVERYTHING is tailored to you. You have your own coach, watching over you, making sure you’re happy with everything, and the exercises you have match your goals and are the ones you’re comfortable with.

✅ In between sessions, you get 24/7 online support by way of a Facebook group and email access to your coach. Got a question? Fire it across to them and they’ll answer within 24 hours, or post in the group and you’ll likely get one within 60 minutes.

✅ You also have a full nutrition plan, that rather than give you a set list of bland, boring foods, educates you on how you can eat ANYTHING you want and still lose weight as fast as you desire.

✅ Not just that, but we send you 6 bonus guides, all written by our expert head coach:

The 8 week challenge nutrition guide

How to eat out whilst dieting

How to diet without counting calories

How to drink alcohol whilst dieting

500 calorie meal ideas

300 calorie meal idea

Find out how our tailored programme can work for you by booking a call with one of our coaches:


Head Coach Andrew Robson

So I guess it’s time to introduce our team, the masterminds behind the 4 Week Lean Muscle Kickstart!

I’m Head Coach Andy and here are my fellow coaches Matty and Jonny who help me deliver the 4 Week Kickstart!

I’ve been a personal trainer for well over 6 years now. In that time I have spend countless hours studying the art of improving people’s bodies as well as their lifestyles via science based methods. No BS, just results.

When I was young I was diagnosed with Perthes disease: a rare condition where the head of the femur doesn’t receive adequate blood flow and basically starts crumbling away. This was a huge part of my fitness journey, as it stopped me exercising when i was young, leading to weight gain. I know how it feels to be overweight and unhappy with your body. These days I find myself (sort of) thankful that I had Perthes, as it has given me the drive and experience to navigate the complex field of fitness and find the most effective and efficient methods to get you results and make you feel GREAT in front of that mirror!

As you may know, the fitness industry is a minefield of supposed quick-fix solutions that seem impossible to achieve, never work for any length of time and simply prey on the desperation of most -who just want to improve their physique and feel more confident -just like me when I was an 18 year old lad. The fact is, losing weight and toning muscle can be complicated, its hard to know what works and what doesn't, but this complex science, like anything, can be broken down into simple principles. It is only when someone teaches you these simple principles and shows you how to implement them in your training and every day life you will see long term results.

This is why I started Roots Fitness, I want to teach these simple principles to as many people as I can, at an affordable price. I want to give those people who are willing to put the 3 hours of effort in a week and work positive changes into their regime the same feeling I had when I saw my obliques for the first time - chuffed to bits!

Our address is:

33 Bellingham Drive

North Tyne Industrial Estate


NE12 9SZ




COVID 19 Safety at Roots Fitness

What we are doing to keep you safe

At Roots Fitness your safety is our number 1 priority.

Let me start by saying we have always been, and always will be a small, private, pre-booked gym which enables us to make our gym as safe as possible for you.

"We genuinely believe that you are at no more, if not less risk training at our facility than you are when you do your weekly shop at your local supermarket"

The following video explains how we manage to keep you safe during the COVID 19 pandemic

As mentioned in the video it is our golden rules that keep us safe day to day, these are easy to police as we have no more than 4 people in a session at one time. Our coaches are always there to keep you right. We have a strong community feel at Roots where everyone does their bit to keep everyone safe.

Our golden rules:

1. Do not come to the gym if you have any symptoms of COVID 19 and please inform your coach as soon as you can

2. On arrival wash or sanitize your hands - facilities provided

3. Disinfect your equipment before and after use - materials provided, coaches will help you if you require it

4. Do not enter a "work zone" when someone is in it, this is marked out by red tape on the floor, this will ensure we are socially distanced

If you have any questions about your safety at our facility we can discuss this on the call.

Training our clients outdoors during lockdown

So, What Results Should You Expect?

By week 2, most of our clients lose between 3 and 5 pounds of fat. They feel more energetic and they love seeing the scale go down. They think they can notice physical changes, but they aren’t 100%. However …

By the time week 4 is done, most have noticed their chest is more full, their t-shirts are tighter in the right places, and they KNOW they look different. They’ve noticed less fat on their stomachs and usually even bit of definition on there!

At the week 4 mark if you are enjoying the programme you may be able to stay on with us

Clients who stay on with us find they are a LOT leaner, more muscular and LOADS stronger by the time week 8 is done and dusted!

Our clients tell us how much more confident and happy they feel; they’re now comfortable to go out in tighter clothes, pop off their tops at the beach and know exactly what they’re doing in the gym!


The Only Question Left to Ask is - “What’s Stopping You from Getting Results Like These?”

But there IS a catch.

That catch is that you need to be; motivated, actually believe you can achieve results like these, willing to give up 3 hours per week, able to travel to Benton three times a week, someone who values results, willing to educate yourself, and not just looking for another quick fix, or bogus diet!

If that sounds like you, and you want to achieve results like you’ve seen on this page, here’s what you need to do -

Once you click that button, you’ll be taken to a short application form where I can find out a little more about you, where you’re at, your goals, and your challenges. After that, you’ll book a call at a time that suits you, and we’ll hop on the phone for about 20 minutes and talk about you coming on board.

Note: This is NOT a ‘sales’ call.

There’s no pushy salesmanship or hard closing. It’s just an opportunity for you to find out more about the program, and for us both to see if you’re a good fit.

Right Now, You Have 2 Options -

Option 1 is to take everything you’ve seen on this page and do nothing. Go back to trying fad diets, getting back into the gym, (again) keep struggling for motivation and consistency, and getting annoyed and frustrated when you hit a plateau.

Chances are, you’ll be back here in 3 months, wishing you’d acted sooner, and regretting the fact that had you took action initially, you’d already have those results you wanted.

Or option 2 is to book a call, and see if we can help.

Who knows, this could be the first step to you achieving the lean, muscular body you’ve been longing for.


Great. We’ve done our best to answer a few of them below -

What’s the cost of the program?

We can discuss that on the call, but I can assure you it is less than the cost of a coffee per day!

How long do I need to spare each week?

3 hours a week should be enough to complete all of your sessions

Will you help me with my diet?

Of course! You will receive access to our 8 Week Nutrition Course within our mobile app. You can ask questions via our Facebook Group or on the weekly live online Q&A sessions our coaches hold.

Is there a limit to the number of people you take on?

YES, we do not want to compromise the quality of our coaching by taking on too many clients so spaces are limited.

I have an injury. Can I still participate?

Yes, this will be discussed on the phone and will be on a per individual basis!

I’m vegan/ vegetarian/ celiac/ have food allergies, etc. is it still for me?

Of course! So long as you can make choices which fit in with your dietary requirements! Your coach will help with this.

Is there a discount if I sign up with my partner/ a friend?

Yes! We will discuss this on the phone!

How does this differ from in person personal training?

Apart from having someone there to talk to during your set and give you training cues, everything else is the same. It will take a bit more effort from you to read the material and watch the exercise videos (accessed through our app so you will always have them to refer to).

Am I tied into a contract?

No! Once your 4 weeks is up, should you decided it’s not for you, you are not tied into a contract

What if we go back into Lockdown?

You will receive the option to either cancel and be refunded for your unused sessions, or you can be given the option to continue as an online client where we have remote training services. We also have an outdoor training area we can use to continue your training in a safer environment.

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Disclaimer: please note the results shown on this page are not typical and vary from person to person